Some interesting financial research has emerged on social media this afternoon analysing Barcelona’s spending compared to the rest of La Liga and indeed the rest of Europe. As the Swiss Ramble discovered, Barcelona are by far and away the biggest spenders in Europe when it comes to wages, spending €487m a year.

That is €92m more than the next highest spenders Real Madrid but those two are by far and away the biggest spenders in La Liga. Having lost Cristiano Ronaldo in summer and failed to adequately replace him, Madrid have saved a bit in the wage department.

But what about the Premier League clubs, where do they rank? Manchester United are perhaps surprisingly, the biggest spenders in the Premier League ahead of Man City by some way. The Red Devils spend a massive €337m a year on wages €41m more than their cross-city rivals. For the limited amount of success they are having, United’s spending is absolutely barbaric, not helped by the giant fee they pay Alexis Sanchez every week.

Both these Premier League clubs are outspending PSG, Bayern Munich and Juventus who all have big name players representing them. Onto the next biggest spenders who are Chelsea, spending €256m a year. They are followed by Liverpool at €241m and Arsenal at €232m.

The only other two Premier League clubs to make it into the top 15 in Europe are Spurs in 14th, who spend a comparatively measly €148m on wages per year. A surprise package are Leicester City who squeak into the top 15 with €131m of spending.